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Bike Registration:

Florida is a great place to ride a motorcycle or a scooter. Just like cars, motorcycles and scooters are subject to registration and licensing. The license plates for motorcycles, requiring an annual renewal fee that varies based on your vehicle type. Unlike a car license plate, an annual motorcycle license plate cannot be transferred between vehicles. 

The initial registration must take place in person at a local service center at the time of titling by submitting the following:


  • Proof of identity (required for all owners, driver license a passport can be used)

  • Proof of Florida Insurance (if you don't have it yet, we can provide you one)

  • Complete with us the application for Certificate of Title with/without registration


Motorcycle License Plates:

Registering your motorcycle is an important step in protecting yourself. When you get your motorcycle license plate, you will be given stickers―one to show proof of registration and one to display at the upper right-hand corner of your license plate. There is a fee for this service where all necessary forms are provided.

Replacement of License Plates

In the event your motorcycle plate gets lost, damaged , Florida law requires you to apply for a replacement within 10 days . You will have to make your replacement request at your local county tag agency . Bring the following with you when you apply:

  • Copy of motorcycle registration certificate.

  • Completed Application for Replacement License Plate.

  • Enough money to cover any fees the agency may require.


Replacement of Stolen License Plates

If your license plate has been stolen, you need to request a replacement. Replacing a stolen license plate is a similar process to replacing a lost or damaged license plate. However, owners of stolen license plates or decals must first report the theft to the local police. Information from the police report must be included when completing the Application for Replacement License Plate. Fortunately, all fees are waived for replacing stolen plates or decals.

Renewing a Registration: 

If you are already a customer, you can renew your motorcycle registration just giving us a call. The decal renewal process can start three months before the expiration date.

Motorcycle registrations expire at midnight on the first owner’s birth date unless the owner is a business.

What documents do I need?

  • You would need a United States valid driver license .

  • If you do not qualify for a driver license a passport can be used as form of ID.

  • Valid Florida auto insurance.

Acquiring a Motorcycle Title:

In order to obtain a certificate of title, you will need to bring the following documents:

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of ownership

  • Proof of required insurance coverage. If you don't have insurance yet, we can provide you.

  • Complete with us an application for certificate of Title With/Without Registration

  • Pay applicable sales tax and title and registration fees.

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Tranfer a Motorcycle Title:

In order to tranfer your car title to a new owner you must have the following documents:


  • The current title, signed by both the seller and buyer.

  • A bill of sale (containing the odometer reading, price of the vehicle and signatures of all parties involved in the sale).

  • Payments for all sales tax, title fees and registration fees.

  • Valid driver's license, ID card or passaport.

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